MM-kilpailut käynnistyvät maanantaina 3.8. Tanskan Herningissä!

Nina Auvinen

The World Championships for Icelandic Horses is a melting pot of different Nordic cultures.


From the 3rd to the 9th of August Herning is the home of a unique corporation between the Nordic countries evolving around the World Championships of the national sport of Iceland: the riding of Icelandic horses.


In addition to the professional competing of horses and riders many other activities is also happening in Herning. The site of the World Championships is filled with cultural experiences from the Nordic host countries and is the perfect site for a family gathering. Take a stroll through the shopping area and try functional and cleverly designed clothing from the Icelandic brand 66° North or warm and beautiful homemade Icelandic wool knit. Taste real Icelandic sweets, and look at arts and crafts from all the Nordic countries.


Finally, you can experience the Viking Village, the Nordic village and a supervised playground area for the children. In the Viking village, the kids can bake flatbread, play Viking games and see what authentic Viking equipment looks like and how it was forged. In the Nordic village, you can find an Icelandic house, where you can experience how to knit Icelandic sweaters. Besides that, you can get sweaty in a real Finnish sauna tipi and afterwards get cooled down in the ice cold shower next to the tipi.


The competitions offers beauty and grace, as the horses show off their special gaits tölt and pace, which Icelandic horses is one of the only breeds in the world to master, and also speed and power in the fast pace races on which you can place bets.


The official opening of the World Championships is Wednesday the 5th of August at 12 midday, after which the competitions will start. The site will open for spectators Monday, and the days Monday to Wednesday are dedicated to showcases and breeding reviews of the competing countries’ best horses in breeding. Monday to Wednesday, it is possible to access all these delights with a one-day ticket at the price of only 50 DKK. Thursday the price of a one-day ticket is 150 DKK, and Friday to Sunday the price is 750 DKK. Children aged 0-4 years are free.


The World Championships is organized by Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands and takes place in the Herning Exhibition Center.


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