Public Relations Committee

Finnish Icelandic Horse Association’s Public Relations Committee’s work consists of informing the members and partners of the Association, organising events and marketing as well as planning items for sale. The Public Relations Committee works closely with other committees of the Association, helping with the distribution of information and organising of events. The goal is to raise awareness about the Icelandic horses in Finland.

Information & Events
The Finnish Icelandic Horse Association’s brochures are designed, sourced and distributed by the PR-Committee. Although individual events, such as competitions and exhibitions, are managed by each committee and local clubs themselves, the PR-committee’s help with information distribution is available. The aim is to convey information about the Icelandic horse, get both the public and media representatives to the event sites, and raise public interest on the Icelandic horse.

Finnish Icelandic Horse Association strives to be involved in various national events and it also organises its own events. Companies and private entrepreneurs have an opportunity to be involved in the Association’s exhibition stands, for example by buying a stand for advertising space. The Association offers a wide range of effective options for advertisers. Advertising space is available on our website, on the Association’s Icelandic horse magazine and in hand programs in major events.

Areas of Operation: Sponsorship, Product Sales, Visibility and Marketing, Icelandic Horse Magazine, Web page, Facebook.
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