Landsmót 2010 on peruutettu

Kristiina Virolainen

Tänään 31.5.2010 pidetyssä kokouksessa on päätetty peruuttaa vuoden 2010 Landsmót. Tämä johtuu hevosinfluenssasta, joka on riivannut Islantia viime kuukausien ajan. Tapahtuma pyritään järjestämään myöhemmin sovittavana sopivana ajankohtana vuonna 2011.

Alla tiedote asiasta englanniksi:

To our friends within the FEIF world
Dear friends.
As many of you know the majority of the horses in Iceland have been going
through an infectious upper respiratory disease for the last few months*.
At a meeting today, May 31st, with all major stakeholders as well as a
representative of the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture and the Vetinary
authorities of Iceland, it was decided to cancel Landmot 2010 in
Vindheimamelar in Skagafjörður, due to this situation.

After a long discussion and a clear overview from the Vetinary authorities,
the decision was made, by all attendees to cancel Landmot this year.
As you understand this decision was made with great regret and is a very
difficult one for the Icelandic horse community. However, it was, regarding
the welfare of the horse, the only solution.

At the meeting, it was clear, that all attendees see a possibility that
Landmót will be held at a suitable moment in 2011.
However, the meeting also agreed that this possibility has to be made in
good cooperation with the board of FEIF and the Icelandic horse community
Therefore, we at LH and Landsmót would like to have further discussions with
the representatives of FEIF to find a good solution that everyone in the
Icelandic Horse community could agree upon.

Haraldur Þórarinsson
Chairman of LH and Landsmót