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16 Miscellaneous

-New Working rules for breeding shows

In order to improve the assessment of spirit, a consideration for giving higher marks is that the horse is slowed down to walk before turning around at the end of the track. If it is not possible to slow the horse down and turn it around within the limits of the track, 8.0 is the maximum mark for spirit. An exception can be made when the horse is showing great speed in pace and gallop, if the slowing down is performed in a cooperative manner. If the horse gets out of sight of the judging committee or shows persistent lack of cooperation, 7.0 is the maximum mark for spirit. To be able the raise the mark for spirit at the second assessment, it must be clearly shown that it is possible to slow the horse down within the limits of the track in a cooperative and supple way.

When the mark of 8.5 or higher is to be given for pace the horse should be clearly ridden in gallop before the transition to pace. Furthermore, it should be considered that the horse is in balance when slowed down in pace.

Decision: Decided unanimously and will be part of Addendum 5